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Does taking Calcium Supplements may Risk Health issues in women

Posted on November 8, 2017  in health

There is more proof coming out, those women who choose health supplements to prevent the bone deterioration has seen that they may have been risking their heart health.

But when you go to the previous studies and findings, the new results do not necessarily show that calcium supplements may have killed someone with its use, and there are no signs have been found of any victim who uses it.

There is a lot of debate regarding this problem at present. As to what to recommend that should help the use of calcium supplements, said by the senior author Dr. Ian Reid, who fully believed that the new results of using calcium supplements would have a significant significance on the heart health disease.

Dietsinreview personal recommendation to the people who take health supplements worldwide and some are afraid to use it, and we can assure you that it will create more problems for you than being used for good, some people use it so much that they don’t even realize what will be the Outcome. It added by the professor of medicine and endocrinology at the University of Auckland in New Zealand.

    What type of women takes these calcium supplements?

Many older women take calcium supplements without vitamin D. some women use it, especially when it has an excellent medical standard. In America, the U.S.-government funded Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) who earlier found that there is no adverse result link between calcium and heart health.

But, some authors point out, that there were more than half of the women in the hospital who were taking their health supplements, though on the top of that it was prescribed for health trials which may have double the results of its use.

    Is it necessary to take these calcium supplements?

In this case, the women who were chosen randomly to take calcium and vitamin D. as a part of the trials had a modest 13 to 22% increased risk of cardiovascular problems, particularly the heart attacks. The women who were had control their arms have no chance of using it.

The case against calcium became more strong when some researchers added in the data from other 13 unpublished trials which involves almost 30,000 women, and now the increased risk of heart attack was just 25 to 30% which is good and for a heart stroke.

    Which are the health issues you need to know?

While the calcium is a sign of burning the skin problems that you face, there is a debate going on that involves Dietsinreview opinion about calcium and lesions. It has seen that lesions have a low increased rate of falling into heart attacks. Lesions are more stable than calcium. They have their benefits, and it has it .so there’s a less chance of getting a heart attack.

The results may have been proving to be statistically significant, but that doesn’t mean that they are clinically substantial If women have good reason to take calcium because their bones are thin, then they should not be afraid of taking the calcium.