How to choose the best bankruptcy attorney?

Posted on September 7, 2019  in service

Declaring bankruptcy is not an easy decision. It requires a lot of strength and emotional stability. Making this decision, the person who is in debt must go through a lot of stress and emotional pain. It comes with a feeling of shame, embarrassment and pain. After all, losing everything one owns and has worked hard for is not an easy thing. On top of all these things, the filing of the bankruptcy petition is a tiring and tedious task. It is a very lengthy, complicated and complex procedure which has a lot of room for errors and mistakes. Therefore, the best option is to not deal with this situation alone and hire the services of a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer.

Since it is such a critical matter, a lot of time and consideration is required to choose the right person to this job as the future of your assets and business lies in his hands. Therefore, there are three things you need to keep in mind to make sure that you hire the best person to deal with this situation:

  1. The first thing you need to check before hiring a San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer is to see how big the law firm is? People often prefer lawyers working for big law firms. However, the bigger the better is not always the case when it comes to hiring a bankruptcy lawyer. You should always prefer an attorney working for a smaller law firm. The reason behind this is that a smaller firm is dealing with a lesser number of clients at any instance. This would allow you to have a better connection as well as communication with your lawyer. You will get better attention and the lawyer will not be overburdened with work from a lot of different clients at the same moment.


  1. The second important factor that should influence your choice of a lawyer is the specialty and the type of services that the firm is offering. Filing for bankruptcy involves a number of different steps ranging from filling the paperwork to arranging the meetings with the creditors and defending the client in the court. Moreover, bankruptcy is the root of several problems. It may lead to several issues such as:
  • Closure Issues
  • Divorce and Custody Issues
  • Business Issues
  • Insurance Issues
  • Inheritance Issues


  1. The last and the most important factor is your comfort level with your San Antonio bankruptcy lawyer. The lawyer should make you feel comfortable as you are going through a very difficult and rough time in your life. You should be able to communicate with the attorney nicely and comprehensively and he must understand your point of view, feelings, emotions, and problems. He should be your best advisor and should take decisions that would be in your best interest.

Therefore, you need a firm that would be able to help you deal with all these issues and help you in many ways. if you choose a firm that cannot help you deal with all these problems you would have to hire multiple lawyers